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Podcast Planning Template

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Podcast Planning Template

Use our podcast planning template to plan every step of your podcast with a calendar, document templates and more.

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Podcasting has quickly become one of the most popular audio formats among content creators, with many people creating podcasts to share information, stories, and insights with their wider audiences. If you’re one of the many content creators looking to start a podcast, you need a well planned template to give your podcast the best advantage from the get-go. A well-planned podcast planning template is the key to ensuring your podcast has the foundation to be effective, engaging and well-structured.

Our podcasting template includes a production calendar and a folder structure for assets to ensure you have the necessary steps in place to produce the desired outcome. It is also loaded with important documents like a podcast research template, podcast script template and more. Click Use Template to get started now or keep reading to learn more about producing a podcast.

Why You Need a Podcast Planning Template

One of the key components to achieving success with a high quality podcast is having a solid plan. A podcast planning template can be a great tool to help you develop an effective strategy and map out your episode topics. It serves as a way to structure the content of your podcast prior to launching, which can make sure everything runs smoothly throughout the production process.

Additionally, utilizing a template can help you determine the goal of your podcast. Do you want to remain strictly educational or is it for entertainment purposes? Defining this goal will help with the creation of any future podcasts you create by ensuring consistency in your content and helping build your brand.

The benefits of utilizing a template are plentiful. It can help save time, keep your organized, and lead to consistent output. 

How to Use this Template

Our template is designed to help guide you through the creation of your podcast. Within this template, you can plan the schedule for your podcast and assign tasks to stay on track. You can also create documents to manage research, scriptwriting and more. And finally, you can upload all of your files and assets to stay organized and collaborate with your team. 

This template provides an easy way to plan, organize, and execute every step of the podcast-making process.

What's Included in this Template

Organizing and planning a podcast project can be a complex undertaking. Luckily, this template provides all the tools you need to ensure your project is structured and organized. Included in the template is:

  • Calendar: A fully customizable calendar template that allows you to plan ahead and keep track of tasks, deadlines, and other important details.
  • Documents: Document templates that help you plan every step of the way, including research, script writing, marketing and more. Read more below to get an overview of each document template included in this podcast template.
  • Folder Structure: A sample folder structure to keep your files and assets organized every step of the way, from concepting the podcast to managing the post-production process. You can even upload assets such as cover art, episode audio and video, intro clips, sound effects and much more.

This template also provides you a central space for all of your project assets, including audio files, images, documents, and research materials, so that all team members can quickly access and share assets. As a bonus, project collaboration tools are also included for remote collaboration. All of the elements of this template make it the ideal choice for planning and organizing your next podcast project.

Podcast Document Templates Included

When it comes to planning a good podcast, there are some essential documents that need to be considered. Here are the seven fully customizable podcast documents included in the template:

Podcast Checklist and Launch Template

If you're just starting a new podcast, it's a good idea to utilize a Podcast Checklist and Launch Template to help you determine the subject matter, category, posting schedule and more. This is an essential document to provide a roadmap for launching the podcast.

Podcast Guest Pitch Template and Example

Inviting guests to your podcast is an important step to launching a successful interview based podcast. The Podcast Guest Pitch Template and Example gives you a proven email template to utilize when reaching out to potential guests.

Podcast Research Template

Having a detailed research document is key to staying on track while producing your podcast episodes. The Podcast Research Template will help you research your guests or topics and begin to brainstorm questions or ideas as bullet points to include in your podcast.

Podcast Prep Guidelines Template

To ensure the success of your podcast, proper podcast prep is essential for you and your guests. This Podcast Prep Guidelines Template gives you a prep checklist that you can send to guests to ensure everyone is prepared for a professional production.

Podcast Script and Outline Template

Utilizing script templates allows you to write a podcast script with clarity and consistency that sounds natural. This customizable Podcast Script and Outline Template helps streamline the scripting process and organize your episode into a coherent structure, including the podcast intro, questions and talking points.

Podcast Post-Production Checklist

This Podcast Post-Production Checklist helps you and your team ensure the post-production process is consistent and professional on every episode. It covers sound editing, sound mixing, mastering, and other post-production details.

Podcast Marketing Plan Template and Tips

Once the episode is complete, it’s time to market it. With the Podcast Marketing Plan Template and Tips you can create a consistent strategy to promote the episode across your platforms (including social media, email list and more) to reach your target audience.

Using our template is a great way to plan and launch your next podcast. Follow the steps to develop a roadmap for your podcast, identify target audience personas, create a content overview, and craft call to action topics. Planning ahead with our template will set you up for long-term success and help you bring your podcasts to life.

How to Use the Podcast Template

Upon opening the podcast template, you'll be presented with a fully built podcast planning project. You can then customize this project as needed to suit your unique project needs.

1. Setup Your Project

To get started, add your podcast name and company name, and then enter your podcast start date.

Setup project

2. Review the Calendar

Once the project is setup, the entire calendar and task list will be auto-built based on your start date. Your calendar, along with all associated tasks, will be laid out for you to review.


3. Make Changes to the Template

You can then shift tasks on the calendar simply by dragging and dropping, adding or removing tasks, or making any other modifications based on the needs of your project.

Move tasks

4. Organize Your Documents and Assets

In the project sidebar, you'll find all of the pre-built phases, organized with subfolders to help you keep track of your documents, files and assets from the start to finish of your project. Open the document templates and customize as needed.

Organize files

5. Invite Your Team

Finally, start inviting your team and assigning them tasks to get the project kicked off.

Invite teammates

Producing a Podcast with Assemble

Assemble enables podcasters to create a centralized hub to manage their entire project from start to finish - including documents, calendars, task management and asset management.

By using this podcast template, you'll get access to all of Assemble's powerful features. Assemble helps you keep production moving quickly and efficiently with our advanced collaboration tools built for producers.

Get started for free by clicking Use Template to begin exploring all of Assemble's features today.


Podcast Planning Template

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