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Podcast Post-Production Checklist

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Podcast Post-Production Checklist

Use our checklist to ensure every critical step is completed when editing and launching your podcast episodes.

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Once your podcast is recorded, you still need to ensure a professional post-production process is in place to get it across the finish line. A podcast post-production checklist can ensure that you and your team don't miss any steps.

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Why You Need a Podcast Post-Production Checklist

When launching many episodes simultaneously, it's important to ensure a system is in place so no important steps are missed. A post-production checklist can ensure that your creative and quality standards are met on every episode.

In addition, you may need to ensure other critical steps are completed such as attaining guest approval, creating a transcript and more.

If you want to access a complete template including sample calendars, task lists, and document templates (including this one) for every stage of podcast production, check out our comprehensive Podcast Planning Template.

Our Prep Guidelines: What's Included

Our fully customizable document includes a step-by-step checklist for post-production, including:

  • Editorial Tasks
  • Preparing Marketing Materials
  • Preparing Episode Description
  • Confirming Guest Approval

Create your Post-Production Checklist with Assemble

Get started with our fully customizable template to create your post-production checklist today.

1. Open the Template

Open this template by clicking Use Template. The template will be created within a new blank project in Assemble.

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2. Edit the Template as Needed

Click anywhere within the text to begin adding to or editing the template.

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3. Share the Document

Click Share and select Share Document to easily distribute the document to your entire team with one click. You can even track who has viewed the document.

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4. Save the Updated Template for Future Projects

Once you've updated it based on your needs, click the menu in the top right and select Save as Template to save it into your your personal template library.

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Producing a Podcast with Assemble

Assemble enables podcasters to create a centralized hub to manage their entire project from start to finish - including documents, calendars, task management and asset management.

By using this podcast post-production checklist, you'll get access to all of Assemble's powerful features so that you can not only utilize this document, but keep production moving quickly and efficiently with our advanced collaboration tools built for podcasters.

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Podcast Post-Production Checklist

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