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Podcast Guest Pitch Template and Example

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Podcast Guest Pitch Template and Example

Use our podcast guest pitch template to write the perfect pitch and land top guests for your podcast.

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Podcasting has become an increasingly powerful platform for telling stories, hosting conversations, and broadcasting information on just about any topic imaginable. However, it can be challenging to find guests who are interested and suited to your podcast's particular topic and audience. With our podcast guest pitch template, we'll show you how to craft an intriguing guest pitch to stand out from the crowd.

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Why Should You Have Guests on your Podcast?

Having guests on your podcast can be a great way to increase the reach and popularity of your show. For example, if there is an expert in your field who has a large following, they can help draw new listeners to your content. Podcast guests also increase the engagement and interest of your audience by introducing new perspectives to the conversation.

Additionally, inviting guests to join you in your podcast episodes is a great way to form relationships with different influencers in your space. You may even be featured in their own podcasts or media interviews, or collaborate on projects together.

How to Use Our Podcast Guest Pitch Template

We'll break down the critical steps for writing your pitch below. You can use our podcast guest pitch template to get started, and customize it based on the steps below.

If you're interested in a comprehensive template featuring a calendar, task lists, and document templates (including this one) for every step of the podcast production process, check out our Podcast Planning Template.

1. Research Your Target Guests

Begin your research by searching online for relevant experts, influencers, and people in your industry. Look for articles, blog posts, and videos by potential guests. This will give you good insight into who they are and their unique point of view. It’s also important to check out their social media presence and get a feel for what their thoughts and opinions on various topics are.

Once you've found an ideal guest, identify key talking points so that you can use them in the pitch to show you understand their background and perspective. Read up on their blogs or articles, watch interviews, and explore other related content.

Once you have identified and researched a few potential guests, it’s time to track down the contact information so you can reach out and invite them. Look for the email address, social media profiles, or other contact information on their website. 

2. Draft an Email Using Our Template

Once you’ve identified a potential guest, it’s time to send them an email. Drafting the perfect pitch can be a challenging task. Using our podcast pitch template, you can start with a proven framework that includes:

  • Example email subject line
  • An attention grabbing opener
  • The story of your podcast and your target audience, and why it matters to them
  • Social proof, including past guests and recognition
  • A clear description of the commitment they would need to make
  • A call to action with next steps

3. Customize with an Attention Grabbing Opener

Once you've customized our templates to your needs, it's time to focus on the most important part: the opening sentence. To make sure your opener stands out from all the other emails or messages your guest may receive, you need to personalize it.

Use your key talking points from the research to show that you understand their passions and expertise, and use it to explain why they would be a good fit for your show and your typical podcast listener.

A thoughtfully written opener can show your guest that you are serious about their time and effort, and it pays off for them to take part in your podcast episode. Doing so can inspire trust, which is vital from the start of any conversation.

4. Add Social Proof 

The last step in your pitch is adding social proof. When pitching a podcast, social proof is an essential element of successful guest pitches as it can help to build credibility and brand recognition. The first step is to list any awards, mentions, or other recognitions that your podcast has received. 

Be sure to highlight any well known guests that have been on your podcast before. This is a quick way to show that this is a high quality, respected podcast that your guest will want to join.

If you're just starting out, don't worry. Instead of social proof, focus on your personal story and perspective and why that inspired you to start this podcast. Stories of podcast hosts are powerful, and it can help the guest understand the vision for your podcast.

5. Send Email and Follow Up

Now that your podcast pitch email is drafted, it's time to send it off. Research which days and times are best to send the email to ensure you catch them at a time when they are more likely to have time to read it.

Additionally, it never hurts to send a follow up a few days after the initial email to check in and see if they are interested. Many people give up after sending the first round of pitching emails, but success lies in the follow up.

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Producing a Podcast with Assemble

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Podcast Guest Pitch Template and Example

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