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Video Production Checklist

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Video Production Checklist

Use our production checklist template to ensure you don’t miss a step in producing your video projects.

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When starting any creative project, it’s essential to be organized with a video production checklist template.  All the planning and development is meaningless if a smart system isn’t in place to execute the production process. 

A step-by-step production checklist will ensure everyone on the production team is in sync with the production workflow, knows their roles and responsibilities and can communicate effectively. 

When should I use the video production checklist template?

Wondering when to use a video production checklist? Always. Starting a production process without the planning and accountability that a video production template provides is like getting into a canoe without a paddle.  The right video or film template, if producing a feature film, can ease the process whether it is specifically used for a pre-production checklist or a post-production workflow.

Pre-production is often the most inexpensive part of the production process, but if time isn’t taken to account for all aspects needed to produce a quality video, it could jeopardize your entire video project and cost you more time and money in the long run. This guide takes you through the video production process. If you are looking to produce a feature film, check out our film production schedule template.

What is included in this video production checklist?

With any production planning, you need a streamlined, easy to navigate video template that provides the immediate ability to share, plan, revise and review all relevant production information. This includes a pre-production checklist as well as a roadmap for production and post.

Here are the phases included in our video production checklist template:

  • Budget: Create and finalize the budget based on approved creative.
  • Creative:  Conceptualize and pitch intro ideas, create rough concepts and script to present for feedback. 
  • Lock Shooting Script:  Lock script after script writing approval.
  • Director Prep: Create and review storyboards and prepare the shot list. 
  • Casting: Finalize casting specs for on-camera talent, hold auditions and once cast, send contracts and release forms to agencies.
  • Locations: Finalize location specs, lock locations, do tech scout of the shooting location, get permits and coordinate parking for cast and crew.
  • Art Prep: Finalize and submit art boards for set design and props.
  • Wardrobe Prep: Create wardrobe boards, source all wardrobe purchases, and set up wardrobe fittings.
  • Shoot: Hire key department heads, negotiate day rates and send deal memos.
  • Shoot Prep:  Create an equipment list, reserve gear, create call sheets, finalize shoot schedule and more.
  • Shoot: Schedule pre-pro meeting, prep camera, distribute call sheets and backup media drives for the post team.
  • Edit: Ingest, transcode and organize all footage to begin post-production. 
  • Sound: Search for music, finalize music licenses, complete final sound mix and any SFX and foley.
  • Delivery: Conform & export in required aspect ratios and resolutions.

Why are production checklists important?

Whether you are a production company, content producer or marketing team, having a centralized source of information is key to plan, manage and track your project from pre-production through distribution and marketing.  

In this production checklist  template, you’ll be able to:

  • Prioritize and assign tasks
  • Set due dates
  • Track completion
  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Share files, feedback and status updates

There are so many moving parts within a production. Is all the needed equipment rented and insured?  Have you budgeted production for b-roll footage or ADR voice-over in post-production?  Having the ability to access a living production calendar where the financial, creative and logistic processes co-exist is key to a successful video.

How to create a video shoot checklist

The first thing to determine are the types of videos you are producing, the goal for your video content and your overall marketing strategy.  Once you know your destination, you can plan accordingly and begin building the elements needed to produce your final video.   

If you are a first-time filmmaker or producer, creating a film or video shoot checklist from scratch can be overwhelming. This template gives you a fully built  video production checklist, which you can then add to or edit to suit the unique needs of your project.

Create your video checklist with Assemble

Assemble enables you to quickly get a fully built out project launched in seconds, and then customize the calendar and tasks based on your project needs.

1) Setup your project

To get started, add your project name and company name, and then enter your project start date.

Start project

2. Review the calendar

Once the project is setup, the entire calendar and task list will be auto-built based on your start date. Your calendar, along with all associated tasks, will be laid out for you to review.

Review your calendar

3. Make changes to the video production task list

You can then shift tasks on the calendar simply by dragging and dropping, add or remove tasks, and make any other modifications based on the needs of your project.

Edit your calendar

4. Organize your documents and assets

In the project sidebar, you'll find all of the pre-built phases, organized with subfolders to help you keep track of your documents, files and assets from the start to finish of your project.

Organize files and assets

5. Invite your team

Finally, start inviting your team and assigning them tasks to get the project kicked off.

Assign tasks to your team

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Video Production Checklist

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