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Feature Film Production Schedule Template

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Feature Film Production Schedule Template

Use our film production schedule template to structure your calendar, shooting timeline, production binder, call sheet and more.

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When Should I Use the Film Schedule Template?

When starting any film production it’s important to have a plan in place. For producers and filmmakers, using a film schedule template that already incorporates all the phases and steps of pre-production, production and post-production will keep you organized, keep your team accountable and provide the roadmap needed for success.

This template includes a full feature film production calendar, folder structure for your managing your files, and documents such as a call sheet template, shot list template, shooting schedule template and much more.

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What Should I Look for in a Production Calendar Template?

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Having a production template in place will provide an overview of all the benchmarks needed to complete the project. 

We've created an easy to use free template for a film production schedule. Each element is tracked, ensuring major deadlines and deliverables are not missed. This production calendar template will allow everyone on the production team to stay updated in real time during the entire production process from conception to distribution.

Additionally, our project management app will enable you to upload all relevant docs and assets so preparing and updating those production reports to the shifting needs of production is a snap. Asset management is seamless with your studio binder in the cloud. All your creative assets from documents to storyboards to audio files are easy to access, keeping you organized and the team focused on their assignments. You can see what has been approved and what is still in progress in real time. 

And when the production is finished you can archive it, so you’ll never have to search for a missing file. These helpful features will save you time and eliminate stress during the pressure cooker of production and keep you safe from job hunting on LinkedIn.

Why is a Film Production Plan Template Important?

When creating a film, each task typically needs to be done in a particular order. Using a production plan template is beneficial for the following reasons:

  1. Expedite the process: A pre-built template saves you time versus creating one on your own from scratch.
  2. Accountability: It ensures that there is no confusion on roles and responsibilities and that milestones and deadlines are met.
  3. Communication: Should any issues arise, the whole team is in the loop to troubleshoot and adjust.

What is Included in Our Production Schedule Template?

The film or production process consists of three main phases of production. Pre-production is the first planning stage. Production is the execution of the planning, when the feature film is shot. The third stage is post-production when the movie is edited and rendered with any music, voiceover and special effects.

This production calendar template covers all the steps that make up the phases of production from inception to final delivery. Additionally, this template provides a pre-built folder structure to organize all of your documents and assets.

Some of the steps included in this production calendar template are:

  • Budget: Create a finalized budget and schedule drawdowns.
  • Script: Lock the final draft of the script and create script breakdown (casting, locations, art, wardrobe, stunts, special effects, equipment needs).
  • Storyboard: Prepare storyboard template and shot list template .
  • Casting: Create casting breakdowns, audition talent, hire cast members.
  • Location: Scout locations, lock shooting locations, tech scout locations.
  • Art Department: Art prep and prop sourcing.
  • Wardrobe: Wardrobe prep, shopping and fitting.
  • Shoot: Hire key department heads, shoot prep, finalize crew members, finalize pre-pro, camera prep, on shoot day fill out and finalize call sheet templates and back up media.
  • Edit: Ingest, transcode and organize all footage, assembly and edit of footage into locked picture, color grading.
  • Effects: Visual effects and titles.
  • Sound: Finalize soundtrack, add SFX and foley, final sound mix.
  • Final Delivery: Conform and export all final deliverables in required aspect ratios and resolutions. 

If you're looking to produce short form content, check out our video production checklist.

How to Create a Film Shooting Schedule Template

Films are shown beginning to end, but they are often shot non-sequential. This is done for a variety of reasons that have to do with logistics. For example, the screenplay has many scenes taking place in a church and it makes sense to shoot them out in consecutive days. This is important to understand when using a film shooting schedule template.

So many changes on paper can be burdensome and time-consuming to the assistant director when managing a production timeline. With our online scheduling software, calendar, tasks lists and sub-tasks functionality, the production manager can schedule key tasks for the team. Production managers can also replace a traditional studio binder and simply upload documents, like the stripboard containing the shot list - with scene number, interior or exterior shot, action description, talent in scene, shooting location , page count and estimated shoot time. You can also upload and store your storyboards, google sheets and all relevant excel and Microsoft docs in one convenient and adaptable place.

Create your Film Production Schedule Template with Assemble

Upon opening the Film Production Schedule Template, you'll be presented with a fully built film production project. You can then customize this project as needed to suit your unique project needs.

1. Setup Your Project

To get started, add your project name and company name, and then enter your project start date.

Setup your project

2. Review the Calendar

Once the project is set up, the entire calendar and task list will be auto-built based on your start date. Your calendar, along with all associated tasks, will be laid out for you to review.

Film production calendar

3. Make Changes to the Feature Film Schedule Task List

You can then shift tasks on the calendar simply by dragging and dropping, adding or removing tasks, or making any other modifications based on the needs of your project.

Move tasks on your calendar

4. Organize Your Documents and Assets

In the project sidebar, you'll find all of the pre-built phases, organized with subfolders to help you keep track of your documents, files and assets from the start to finish of your project.

Organize document and assets

5. Invite Your Team

Finally, start inviting your team and assigning them tasks to get the project kicked off.

Invite your team

Producing a Feature Film with Assemble

Assemble enables producers to create a centralized hub to manage their entire project from start to finish - including calendars, task management, documents and asset management.

By using this feature film template, you'll get access to all of Assemble's powerful features so that you can not only set a project up in seconds, but keep production moving quickly and efficiently with our advanced collaboration tools built for producers.

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Feature Film Production Schedule Template

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