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Location Scouting Template

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Location Scouting Template

Use our location scouting template and checklist to ensure that you cover all of the most important location related information for your film shoot.

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There's no worse feeling than arriving to set and realizing the sunlight you were betting on is hidden by a tree outside. Or that neighbor's dog next door won't stop barking. Make sure you are fully prepared for your shoot day with this location scouting template.

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Why You Need a Location Scouting Template

Any film project is based on preparation. And aside from actors memorizing their lines, there's no more important preparation than ensuring that the backdrop for your storytelling is suited for the project.

Once you've been able to read the script and breakdown the filming locations, it's time to begin searching for the perfect location to suit the story.

By utilizing our location scouting template, you can scout locations like a pro and ensure you account for every variable that could occur.

1. Create the Backdrop for Your Story

A location scout can ensure, most importantly, that the locations are right for your story. While location photos are helpful in narrowing down a shoot location, nothing beats experiencing it in-person. The color pallets, furniture, lighting, ambience and tone should match the story that you are trying to tell.

2. Understand Technical Limitations

Movie location scouting is equal parts creative and technical. Are the rooms big enough for your camera setups? Is the hallway big enough for the planned dolly track shot?

Does the location have enough power to support the film set or will you need to bring in generators? Is there a nearby airport and therefore constant air pollution? These are all important steps to approving a location for your film.

3. Plan for Logistics

How easy is the location to find? Is there adequate parking for your cast and crew? Do you have enough bathrooms and staging areas to prep your talent?

Understanding not just the story aspects, but also the durability of a location to support an entire film crew is important. Your location scout and production team should smooth all of these elements out before the shoot day to ensure the best possible use of your expensive shooting hours.

How to Use a Location Scouting Sheet

Location scouting for film is a time consuming endeavor, and therefore you should only location scout once you've narrowed down your top location options to a small list. Typically, the location scout and location manager would scout the locations, but the producer or director can tag along as well as a preliminary tech scout.

The location scouting sheet is used to record notes about the location and make sure it checks all of the boxes in terms of usability.

Our Location Scouting Form: What's Included

By using this template, you'll have access to a comprehensive location scouting form that will ensure you don't miss any steps when performing the location scout.

Inside this template, you'll find a detailed form to cover every aspect of filmmaking that you should consider. Some of the considerations included in this template are:

  • Story and Tone
  • Camera and Lighting
  • Sound and Surroundings
  • Weather
  • Power and Facilities
  • Rate and Contracts

By utilizing this template, you can ensure you have a comprehensive overview of each location that you are considering for your film.

In addition, Assemble provides you with advanced tools to help you create, collaborate and share your tech scouting checklist:

  • Add a branded document cover for a professional look
  • Collaborate with your team in real time
  • Share as a presentation via a public review link

Location Scouting Checklist Examples

Location scouts are not just for films. Photoshoots, live events and more all require in-depth location scouts to ensure locations or venues are appropriate for what's about to occur.

Our location scouting checklist is completely customizable, so that you can modify it for your needs. Here's some example use cases below.

Photography Location Scout Template

While a photography location scout will cover many of the same aspects as a film scout, there may be additional considerations. For example, sunlight could be much more important for a photoshoot. Understanding how the sun will fall on your subjects during different parts of the day may be critical.

Also, a photoshoot will typically have a smaller impact in terms of crew size and electrical power needed. So sections regarding accommodations and power may be able to be scaled back. Sound is also typically not a consideration.

Live Event Location Scout Template

Live events are an entirely different animal. Instead of planning for dozens of crew members, you may be planning for hundreds or even thousands of attendees. Of course, technical requirements such as power, parking, bathrooms and accommodations become the priority. Additionally, safety concerns around exit routes, emergency preparation and security should be highlighted within your live event location scout template.

Location Recce Template

Filmmakers in North America may be confused when they hear this term. It's simply the terminology used in the UK for the same document.

In this case, the location recce template would be the same as the original template as both are achieving the same purpose.

Run Your Location Scout with Assemble

Using Assemble, your team can collaborate in real time, so that the location scout can be reviewed by the entire team as it happens and beyond. Use this template and share it with your team to fast track your location scout process.

1. Open the Template

Open this template by clicking Use Template. The template will be created within a new blank project in Assemble.

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2. Edit the Template as Needed

Click anywhere within the text to begin adding to or editing the template.

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3. Share the Document

Click Share and select Share Document to easily distribute the document to your entire team with one click. You can even track who has viewed the document.

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4. Save the Updated Template for Future Projects

Next, click the menu in the top right and select Save as Template to save it into your your personal template library.

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Producing a Film with Assemble

Assemble enables producers to create a centralized hub to manage their entire project from start to finish - including documents, calendars, task management and asset management.

By using this location scouting template, you'll get access to all of Assemble's powerful features. Assemble helps you keep production moving quickly and efficiently with our advanced collaboration tools built for producers.

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Location Scouting Template

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