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Film Equipment List Template

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Film Equipment List Template

Use our film equipment list template to track the gear used on your productions.

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When planning a film or video production, one of the most important things is to make sure everything is ready before the first day of shooting. Generally, a preliminary budget will cover what each department needs, but a comprehensive film equipment list template will ensure nothing is overlooked. 

To help you get started and stay organized, we've created the ultimate checklist. Begin now by clicking Use Template or read on to learn what information is included in the template.

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Why You Need a Film Equipment List Template

There are many factors that determine the type of film production equipment needed for each film or video shoot, such as the budget, location, and specific production needs. However, all shoots require at least a basic equipment package and organizing what is needed is essential to the filmmaking process. 

Regardless of whether you're an experienced professional or new to the film industry, an effective planning process can help you avoid a lot of heartache on set. To help you gear up for production, a film equipment list template can be a lifesaver.  Here are some benefits to utilizing Assemble’s film equipment list template and software:

1. Be Prepared, Adaptable and Accountable

A successful pre-production process requires organization, flexibility, and dependability. Getting ready for a production involves many variables, so there is no one master list.  Your team can benefit from a template where essential film equipment can be added and deleted based on discussions with the director, cinematographer, producers, and other relevant department heads.  

Why is gathering a list of film equipment so important? You would never start filming without a number of paperwork permissions, such as a talent release or location release form. Similarly, you wouldn't start the process without a film budget, shooting schedule, or camera shot list. 

You should have an equipment list in your toolkit of templates (along with call sheet templates, film shot lists, and budget templates). Customizable film equipment list templates ensure you have everything you need and that no equipment is left behind after the shoot.

2. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Everyone has left the grocery store and forgotten something they needed. Film productions are no different. Video equipment like cameras are unlikely to be overlooked, but what about expendables like cable connector cleaners? If it’s on the list, it’s on the set.

3. Keep Everyone Connected

Everyone is on the same page. Literally. The film equipment list template lets everyone on the production contact list know what's on set and what to request if something is missing.  Leave the intrigue to the screenwriters. There shouldn’t be any mystery when it comes to the tools the film crew needs to complete the job. 

When to Use a Filming Equipment List

In pre-production, the filming equipment list is created based on the script breakdown, the preliminary film budget and often after a walkthrough of locations. 

With a template there is no guesswork on the essentials and any additional equipment needed, such as a jib crane for a proposed camera movement or a specialty generator. These can be easily slotted into the template doc. A well-designed template will help you excel and streamline your preparation process. 

Every production will have its own way of utilizing this template.  Each department could use the template to fill out what they need, which would then be compiled into a larger document that the production coordinator can review, get bids on, and submit to the UPM for approval.

And don't forget to check out our film crew list template to keep track of your crew on set.

Our Filmmaking Equipment List Template: What’s Included

In this template, our filmmaking equipment list allows you to outline the equipment you are likely to need during a film or video production shoot, the department it falls under and the rental price. You can use this as a blueprint as you work through each scene number to determine what you need and when you need it based on the director's shot list, location specifics and your individual script elements. 

In addition, you can ensure that every piece of equipment is accounted for and returned to the producers or rental houses by pre-checking it out and post-checking it in.

Here are some columns included from Assemble's filmmaking equipment list:

  • Pre-Check: Check off this box when the equipment has been packed or rented and is ready to go into production.
  • Post-Check: Check off this box once the shoot is complete and the equipment has been unpacked and returned to storage.
  • Production Days: The shoot date that the equipment will be needed.
  • Scene: The scene being shot that requires the equipment.
  • Rented or Owned:  Indicate rented or owned equipment. If rented, add rental company information for pick-up and return and price of rental.
  • Item:  The specific piece of film equipment.
  • Notes:  Any relevant comments or direction needed.

In addition, Assemble provides you with advanced tools to help you create, collaborate and share your call sheet:

  • Add checkboxes and statuses to indicate special information
  • Filter and sort the equipment list based on if it's been checked in or out
  • Collaborate with others in real time
  • Create new versions and manage version history

Filmmaker Equipment List Examples

When compiling a filmmaker equipment list, understanding the production and the artistic needs of the cinematography as envisioned by the director is key.  In contrast to facilitating a small documentary shoot in one natural setting, your equipment checklist will look much different if you are preparing a large feature film shoot.

Below are examples of utilizing our template for both a film production or video shoot.

Film Production Equipment Checklist

Our film production equipment checklist template can be expanded or streamlined to suit the individual needs of your production.  For example, Top Gun: Maverick required specialized lenses to capture the pulsating flight scenes.  In addition to the main unit prime lenses, director Joseph Kosinski and cinematographer Claudio Miranda utilized interior and exterior mounts, aerial unit cinejet and phenom lenses and ground-to-air Fuji premier zooms.  Your film production equipment list can indicate speciality needs such as these.

Video Production Equipment Checklist

Utilizing our template to suit your video production equipment checklist works exactly the same way as a film production.  For a more modest shoot, the checklist can be streamlined down to only the basic essentials. An interview or tutorial video can be shot with a short checklist of equipment, and additional items can be added as needed.

Create Your Film Production Equipment Checklist With Assemble

Get started today with our fully customizable film production equipment template. Follow these steps to open, customize and if needed, distribute the film equipment checklist to the appropriate crew.

1. Open the Template

Open this template by clicking Use Template. The template will be created within a new blank project in Assemble.

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2. Edit the Template as Needed

Click anywhere within the text to begin adding to or editing the template.

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3. Share the Document

Click Share and select Share Document to easily distribute the document to your entire team with one click. You can even track who has viewed the document.

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4. Save the Updated Template for Future Projects

Once you've updated it based on your needs, click the menu in the top right and select Save as Template to save it into your your personal template library.

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Producing a Video with Assemble

Assemble enables producers to create a centralized hub to manage their entire project from start to finish - including documents, calendars, task management and asset management.

By using this film equipment list template you'll get access to all of Assemble's powerful features so that you can not only utilize this document, but keep production moving quickly and efficiently with our advanced collaboration tools built for producers.

Get started today for free by clicking Use Template to begin exploring all of Assemble's powerful features.



Film Equipment List Template

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