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Casting Notice Template

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Casting Notice Template

Use Backstage's casting notice template to outline the roles for your film and attract top talent.

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Attracting top talent to appear in front of the camera is one of the most important aspects of a successful film.

Backstage has combined their decades of knowledge into this casting notice template, to help you outline the roles for your film in a way that will catch the attention of top actors and improve your casting process.

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casting notice template

Our Casting Notice Template: What's Included

This template includes sections for each element needed for professional casting agents and their talent. Inside, you'll see a step-by-step outline that helps you input all of the necessary information for your casting process, including:

  • Project Details
  • Payment Summary
  • Dates & Locations
  • Role Details
  • Company Information

This template is also fully customizable, enabling you to modify it for your specific project needs.

Once your casting notice is ready, you can share it with a click to send to casting directors, publish publicly on the web, or download as a PDF.

About Backstage

Backstage simplifies talent discovery via a cutting-edge platform for hiring cast and crew across the globe. Empowering creators to focus on single or multiple projects when hiring on-screen, content creators, models, voiceover and crew; our tools include streamlined job postings, advance search filters, media handling, shortlists, audition scheduling, talent vetting, secure payments, and team collaboration, which help creators save time and money.

Create Your Casting Notice With Assemble

Get started today with this fully customizable casting notice template. Follow these steps to open, customize and distribute the casting notice to your cast and crew.

1. Open the Template

Open this template by clicking Use Template. The template will be created within a new blank project in Assemble.

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2. Edit the Template as Needed

Click anywhere within the text to begin adding to or editing the template.

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3. Share the Document

Click Share and select Share Document to easily distribute the document to your entire team with one click. You can even track who has viewed the document.

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4. Save the Updated Template for Future Projects

Once you've updated it based on your needs, click the menu in the top right and select Save as Template to save it into your your personal template library.

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Producing a Film with Assemble

Assemble enables producers to create a centralized hub to manage their entire project from start to finish - including documents, calendars, task management and asset management.

By using this casting notice template, you'll get access to all of Assemble's powerful features so that you can not only utilize this document, but keep production moving quickly and efficiently with our advanced collaboration tools built for producers.

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Casting Notice Template

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